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UIKA Terms

UIKA is a producer of AMAzonic experiences for unconventional travelers. We believe travel is a refreshing experience that can make the world and people better. We seek to make tourism fair and sustainable, transforming people and realities from our experiences. Our mission is to offer unique experiences, allowing the real protagonism of local entrepreneurs in the city and in AMAzônia riverside communities, valuing the AMAzonida culture and transforming it through tourism.

Children policy for tours in Manaus:

1 to 5 years: 60% of full amount
6 to 9 years: 75% of the full amount
From 10 years old: full value

* Consult our team for Experiences in Traditional Communities


In case of emergencies UIKA will be happy to support you to make you feel safe.

In case of theft or theft:

UIKA stands ready to assist our customers with whatever we can. However, we are not responsible in cases of theft and theft during the tour.

Data Protection Notice:

UIKA will use information you provide on this form along with other information from your feedback questionnaire to be submitted via email or Whatsapp to manage and evaluate this tour. By submitting this form, you consent to the processing of personal and confidential data about you, as necessary, for the above purpose. You also agree to be photographed and / or filmed during the tour. Your personal information and any visual material will be used in accordance with UIKA standards. UIKA will treat all personal information in accordance with Brazilian law and its own privacy policy. UIKA will not sell your data to third parties. Your information will be shared at this stage only with individuals administering the tour and UIKA.

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