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Tumbira Experience

a dive in the amazon

Tumbira is a riverside community of the Amazon, located on the right bank of the Rio Negro, located 64 km from Manaus. It belongs to the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve, a conservation unit, along with 18 other riverside communities.

Its foundation dates from 1986 and the origin of its population derives from a migratory process of several families from the Northeast of Brazil or other regions of the Amazon and some from the Rio Negro itself. The incentives for migration were extractive production during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The community is surrounded by Amazonian natural beauty, talents and community protagonists, and warm and welcoming hosts.

This experience is also available for solo or private group travel, just send us a message and we will share more details with you. *

Roteiro Tumbira


This experience invites you to immerse yourself in the northern lifestyle that goes from the city to the forest, connecting you with nature, people and yourself. Here the transformation goes from the traveler to the communities.

Day 1 

Beginning of Experience in Manaus
Perreché Tour
Amazonian gastronomic lunch
Bagaceira Tour
Daily accommodation in Manaus

Day 3 

Breakfast in Tumbira
Forest and igapós interpretative trail
Regional lunch
Craft Workshop
Visit to the freshwater beach
Regional beach dinner
Beach Camp

Day 5 

Breakfast in Tumbira
Boarding to Manaus
Transfer from port to accommodation
Daily or half daily accommodation in Manaus

Dia 7 

Chegada em Manaus

Day 2 

Breakfast in Manaus
Transfer from accommodation to port
Boarding for Tumbira
Arrive in Tumbira
Visit to community sustainable development projects
Community Recognition
Welcome regional cuisine lunch
Gastronomy Workshop
River sunset and dolphin watching
Regional Dinner
Overnight in community hostings

Day 4 

Breakfast in Tumbira
Visit to Anavilhanas National Park
Regional lunch
Visit to the garden
Exchange and socializing dinner
Night fauna and flora observation

Dia 6 

Canoagem ao nascer do sol
Café da manhã regional
Dia livre para tomar banho de rio à vontade e explorar a comunidade
Almoço regional
Tempo livre
Jantar regional
Embarque para Manaus

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* Meet Tumbira in a particular experience on your own date and according to your available time.

cash by transfer / ticket


 BRL 3,053.18 

up to 4x on interest card

 BRL 2,644.40 

Photo: Cameron Wheel

The itinerary includes

  • Ground transportation in Manaus (in the section lodging / port / lodging);

  • Inland waterway transportation in a fast charter boat, in the Manaus / Tumbira / Manaus section;

  • Accommodation: 02 nights in Manaus (shared rooms in hostel) and 03 nights in Tumbira (private rooms in community accommodation);

  • Food: being 02 breakfasts in Manaus; 03 breakfasts in Tumbira; 01 lunch in Manaus; 03 lunches in Tumbira; 03 dinners in Tumbira;

  • Activities and visits scheduled and cited in the Experiment;

  • Local Host UIKA;

  • UIKA Traveler's Guide.

The itinerary doesn't include

  • National or international airline tickets to and from Manaus and related taxes;

  • Travel insurance;

  • Cost of vaccination;

  • Cost of issuing passport and obtaining consular visas, if necessary;

  • Language interpreter for non-Portuguese speaking participants if required;

  • Expenses related to daily expenses, meals, transportation and activities, when exceeding those included in the itinerary;

  • Any other service not described in the above Experience.

 Positive impact 

 income alternative 


 fair market access 

 nature conservation 

 historical-cultural rescue 

 from the city to the forest 

 conscious travel 

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