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Baré Experience

a dive in the amazon

Along the Cuieiras River there are six communities, most of which consider themselves indigenous and together claim for the demarcation of their lands. According to IPÊ (Institute for Ecological Research - 2010), more than half of the residents of the Cuieiras River communities migrated from Santa Isabel do Rio Negro and the others migrated from São Gabriel da Cachoeira and some from Manaus.

Our experience takes place in the fourth upstream community called the New Hope. Its foundation dates from 1990, when a family leaves Santa Isabel do Rio Negro towards Manaus in search of better living conditions and begins a new life in the region that today comprises the community.

The experience is called Baré because there is a predominance of the Baré indigenous group in the community.

This experience is also available for solo or private group travel, just send us a message and we will share more details with you. *


This experience invites you to immerse yourself in the northern lifestyle that goes from the city to the forest, connecting you with nature, people and yourself. Here the transformation goes from the traveler to the communities.

 Day 1 

Beginning of Experience
Meeting at Adolpho Lisbon Market
Boarding a regional line boat
Community Arrival
Presentation to the chief
Homestay regional dinner
Overnight in community hosting

 Day 3 

Breakfast at Homestay
Flour Experience
Family Home Lunch
Homestay Dinner
Overnight in community hosting

 Day 5 

Boarding to Manaus
Arrival at the port of Manaus

 Day 2 

Breakfast at Homestay
Forest trail
Family Home Lunch
Community visit
Homestay Dinner
Overnight in community hosting

 Day 4 

Breakfast at Homestay
Free time in the community
Family Home Lunch
Exhibition and craft workshop
Boarding back to Manaus

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* Meet the Baré people in a particular experience on a date you prefer and according to your available time.


 BRL 2,290.00 

cash by transfer / bank slip

or on the card  with interest and fees

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Photo: Ana Claudia Jatahy

The itinerary includes

  • ​Accommodation: 03 nights in the baré community;

  • Food: being 03 breakfasts in the baré community; 03 lunches in the baré community and 03 dinners in the baré community;

  • Activities and visits scheduled and cited in the Experiment;

  • Rate of Community contribution;

  • Digital travel manual.

The itinerary doesn't include

  • National or international airline tickets to and from Manaus and related taxes;

  • Transportation to and from the community;

  • Travel insurance;

  • Cost of vaccination;

  • Cost of issuing passport and obtaining consular visas, if necessary;

  • Language interpreter for non-Portuguese speaking participants if required;

  • Expenses related to daily expenses, meals, transportation and activities, when exceeding those included in the itinerary;

  • Any other service not described in the above Experience.

 Positive impact 

 income alternative 


 fair market access 

 nature conservation 

 from the city to the forest 

 conscious travel