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Tumbira Experience

a dive in the amazon

Tumbira is a riverside community of the Amazon, located on the right bank of the Rio Negro, located 64 km from Manaus. It belongs to the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve, a conservation unit, along with 18 other riverside communities.

Its foundation dates from 1986 and the origin of its population derives from a migratory process of several families from the Northeast of Brazil or other regions of the Amazon and some from the Rio Negro itself. The incentives for migration were extractive production during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The community is surrounded by Amazonian natural beauty, talents and community protagonists, and warm and welcoming hosts.

This experience is also available for solo or private group travel, just send us a message and we will share more details with you. *

Roteiro Tumbira

Photo: Cameron Wheel

Road map 

Some of the experiences you will experience:

- Delight yourself with the famous x-caboquinho, the typical sandwich from Manaus

- Visit organic and forest products fairs

- Enjoy sweets, snacks and drinks made from forest products

- Discover the landmarks of Amazonian gastronomy in the Historic Center of Manaus  

- Visit restaurants that have given a new lease of life to Amazonian cuisine

- Know the flavor and the way the manauaras drink açaí root

- Know the origin, techniques, dishes and popularization of foods that mark gastronomy in the Amazon

The script may change.

Get ready to get to know up close the new smells, flavors and stories behind the rich and pluricultural gastronomy that exists in the Amazon.

Meeting point

The tour starts at Largo São Sebastião, at Galeria Amazônica, concentration at 9:00 am or 1:00 pm. 




 R$ 1.539



R$ 770


R$ 650


R$ 485


#visits to street fairs, the municipal market and the local fish and fruit fair

#gastronomic experience

#tasting of forest products

#recognition of local cuisine

#storytelling of Amazonian gastronomy


#local host





9am - 1pm


9am - 1pm


06 - 18h


9am - 1pm


9am - 1pm

*Check availability and make your reservation.

Payment methods

Pix or Credit


To make a reservation, contact the UIKA team by clicking book now, above and you will have access to our booking form. We will respond as soon as possible, as well as  any  doubt  about your experience. Don't forget that the reservation must be made at least 24 hours before carrying out your experience.

For security reasons, we will send you the payment link (pix or credit) along with your booking confirmation via our email .

Conheça também as vivências de: 

*conheça a Terra das Cachoeiras em uma vivência particular na data que preferir e de acordo com o seu tempo disponível

*Possui um grupo maior? Solicite nosso tarifário completo.

The itinerary includes

  • Ground transportation in Manaus (in the section lodging / port / lodging);

  • Inland waterway transportation in a fast charter boat, in the Manaus / Tumbira / Manaus section;

  • Accommodation: 02 nights in Manaus (shared rooms in hostel) and 03 nights in Tumbira (private rooms in community accommodation);

  • Food: being 02 breakfasts in Manaus; 03 breakfasts in Tumbira; 01 lunch in Manaus; 03 lunches in Tumbira; 03 dinners in Tumbira;

  • Activities and visits scheduled and cited in the Experiment;

  • Local Host UIKA;

  • UIKA Traveler's Guide.

The itinerary doesn't include

  • National or international airline tickets to and from Manaus and related taxes;

  • Travel insurance;

  • Cost of vaccination;

  • Cost of issuing passport and obtaining consular visas, if necessary;

  • Language interpreter for non-Portuguese speaking participants if required;

  • Expenses related to daily expenses, meals, transportation and activities, when exceeding those included in the itinerary;

  • Any other service not described in the above Experience.

 Positive impact 

 income alternative 


 fair market access 

 nature conservation 

 historical-cultural rescue 

 from the city to the forest 

 conscious travel 

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