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5 unique experiences to live in the Amazon

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

There are some experiences you need to live in the Amazon because they cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world, for them to happen they need our nature and our people to be what they are. That's why we've listed five of the most amazing ones so you don't leave any out of your travel itinerary:

1. Navigate the rivers of the Amazon

On your own network and travel like the locals do. Take advantage of one of @uikaexperiencias experiences and navigate the Rio Negro meeting riverside and indigenous communities in Amazon.

2. Hike through the forest and the flooded forest

This way you will have the opportunity to contemplate the Amazon in the same way that the locals do, on long trips along our extensive rivers, seeing the spouts in the forest canopy and margins and who knows, even the porpoises crossing the river. Learn the art of paddling a canoe from a community member. Challenge yourself!


Mulher de costas na proa de uma canoa navegando um rio, ao fundo e nas laterais uma densa floresta a cerca.

3. Get to know riverine, indigenous, extractivist or quilombola communities

Take time to hear their stories, learn about their skills and local development projects, accompanied by a community leader. This type of experience generates a positive impact for communities far beyond income, but also for their quality of life, for their permanence in their place of origin and for the resistance of their traditions and lifestyle.

4. Discover the best dishes of local cuisine

Like the baked tambaqui with fried cassava, the peacock bass moqueca and the famous x-caboquinho. The Amazon is an inexhaustible source of fruits, fish and ingredients that make the food here so special and tasty. And do you know what our food tastes like? From the Amazon forest!

Talking about the gastronomy of the Amazon is talking about our people's knowledge. People who grow up in forests and make wonderful dishes from their products.

Discover the Amazon through the eyes of those who were born and raised in it, from the city to the forest. Connect with local hosts who can facilitate your discoveries of our popular knowledge and learn more about the Amazon lifestyle.


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