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UIKA's authentic itineraries are cultural and nature-friendly, we call them Unveiling Manaus and From the City to the Forest, respectively. The goal is to offer unique experiences for travelers looking to get to know the city from one place and look at Manaus and the Amazon from a new, more conscious and authentic perspective.

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Perreché Tour: walking tour pelo centro histórico de Manaus, com degustação de pratos típicos da Amazônia e espaços culturais incríveis

Perreche Tour

Walking tour of cultural and historical experience through downtown Manaus and its unusual places.
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riverside experience

An incredible immersion in the Amazon invites you to immerse yourself in the experience of Community Based Tourism that guard Acajatuba, a riverside region ...

Bagaceira Tour

Inspired by the nightlife of Manauaras, this experience takes you to know more about our culture and cuisine.
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