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What to do in Manaus?

We decided to bring some different tips for you traveler who is thinking of coming to the Amazon from Manaus and is considering spending a few days in the city because you don't know what to do here. But calm down, we will help you to have an unforgettable trip from the city to the forest, choosing Manaus as your destination.

Our tips for what to do in Manaus:

Walking tour em Manaus

For starters, every self-respecting traveler visits at least the Teatro Amazonas and the Mercado Adolpho Lisboa, they really are beautiful and tell a very important part of the history of those who are Manaus, but there is much more here than European heritages, there is a lot that we inherited from the indigenous people and the riverside dwellers, through a process of miscegenation that goes far beyond that.

That's why our tips will take you to places that are a little unforgettable, but that for a true unconventional traveler is a piece of cake. Come on?

Photo: São Sebastião Square and Amazonas Opera House| UIKA collection

The first tip of what to do in Manaus is: get to know the Teatro Amazonas and the Mercado Adolpho Lisboa on foot, take the opportunity to walk the streets, get to know a little about people's daily lives and their relationships with space, work and ours food.

On this route you need to visit shopping streets. There are several shopping streets, right in the center of Manaus, that sell everything. There, you'll come across colorful old buildings, all kinds of northern music, from brega to eaves on sale in CD to USB stick formats, as well as coconut water, tucumã and banana pacovan chips stands, among the team jerseys of football. It's crazy, but they have the look and feel of commercial streets in Latin America, but this time with a special Amazonian touch, it's really worth getting to know.

Centro comercial de Manaus

Photo: Commercial streets in Manaus| UIKA collection

Then go to Igreja da Matriz, preferably in the morning, during the week, between the hours of 8:00 am to 11:00 am and learn more about the history of the church that used to be in the same place made of wood and straw, built by Carmelite missionaries in 1695, during the “first” process of exploration of the Amazon. Today, the church gives way to the city's cathedral and keeps countless stories of a Manaus that emerged from territories of different indigenous ethnic groups, a village, "Paris dos Trópicos" and today the main capital of Northern Brazil.

Igreja matriz de Manaus

Photo: Nossa Senhora da Conceição Cathedral in Manaus| UIKA collection

Finally, go to Cervejaria Rio Negro on the Roadway. Don't know what the Roadway is? Ask a manauara where the 'rodo' is, we're sure that anyone passing by on the street will know how to tell you that it's 'right there' (laughs). Inside jokes aside, the Roadway is nothing more than our floating port, the biggest in the world.

And so you don't worry about the distance from the Church to Porto, we'll get you ahead as soon as you're right in front of it. Yeah, that's right, you'll just have to cross the street.

Photo: Sunset at the port of Manaus| UIKA collection

Enjoy an afternoon on a day when the sky is very blue and that Manaus heat is driving you crazy to have a delicious craft beer from Rio Negro. The UIKA super team indicates the one with the mango in the ingredients. It is refreshing in measure and perfect to accompany a portion of pirarucu or piracuí cake.

After all that, we're sure you won't want to leave here anymore.

Ahh, before we forget, UIKA thought of itineraries that could bring together the best of both worlds, the unusual places and those places that everyone should know and that's why we designed a walking tour in Manaus: the Perreché Tour perfect for you who want to get to know the city with a local host, hear from him the city's history - which is intertwined with that of the Amazon - and still enjoy a gastronomic experience to match.

Discover our walking tour of Amazonian history and culture, through the center of Manaus and its unusual places, conducted by a hostess born and raised here, as well as our other authentic itineraries in Manaus:

Photo: Rio Negro craft beers| UIKA collection


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