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Authentic itineraries

caverna do maroaga e cachoeira em presidente figueiredo

Perreche Tour

Manaus historical center and its unusual places
A cultural, historical and gastronomic experience for one of the largest historical centers in Brazil and also for unusual places that only those who love walking the streets and places of Manaus, as we know.
All done on foot, this tour takes you to know 22 amazing locations, take a look at our itinerary in the green button below.
Picture: Triana Segovia

Bagaceira Tour

Different experience for the nightlife of Manaus
Inspired by the nightlife of Manauaras this experience stands out for the presence of a lot of culture, gastronomy and social relations.
We looked for amazing places with history, good drinks and drinks produced and inspired by the Amazon and still went after the best parties with local musicians to pack your night. Want to know more? Click the see more button below.
trilha em Presidente Figueiredo_edited_e
Picture: Alaíde Negão
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